Project Update: 26 Jul,2010

Henry Chan carried out a footprint survey of the existing large villa recently. The footprint measured 264.2 sq.m.
We are allowed to construct a 2 storey building, so we will have a total of 528.4 sq.m.floor area.
A preliminary plan is being drawn up to be submitted to the Building Dept. to complete the Section 16 application.
This is just a rough plan to show the Govt. that we are not overextending the present building (so as to keep the same footprint basically) We are allowed to resubmit the final architectural plans when Sec 16 application is approved.

This phase will take 1.5 to 3 months, thereafter we will submit the plans for the Building Permit to commence work.


KYF Redevelopment Project -Project Summary

Project Summary of the KYF Redevelopment Project document.

The KYF Redevelopment Project Of Kam Yung Fat Lease Site,
D.D. 244, Nam Pin Wai,
Sai Kung, N.T.

Document Content:


Introduction of Project

Project details

Redevelopment of Large House (Villa)
Rebuild of Squatter


Processing Consideration
Related Parties (Government bodies, surveyor, architect)

Future Development

Critical Path [...]

Project Progress Report

Reporting the project’s progress

Site Investigation Report of KYF Lease Site

Site Investigation Documents

Kam Yung Fat Lease Site
D.D. 244, Nam Pin Wai, Sai Kung, N.T.

Enquiry of project at Planning department

Enquiry about KYF project at Planning Department documents

Enquiry of project at Sai Kung Lands Department

Enquiry about project at Sai Kung Lands Department documents.