Project Update: 26 Jul,2010

Henry Chan carried out a footprint survey of the existing large villa recently. The footprint measured 264.2 sq.m.
We are allowed to construct a 2 storey building, so we will have a total of 528.4 sq.m.floor area.
A preliminary plan is being drawn up to be submitted to the Building Dept. to complete the Section 16 application.
This is just a rough plan to show the Govt. that we are not overextending the present building (so as to keep the same footprint basically) We are allowed to resubmit the final architectural plans when Sec 16 application is approved.

This phase will take 1.5 to 3 months, thereafter we will submit the plans for the Building Permit to commence work.


Preliminary design for the KYF Villa

Below are the links for the preliminary design of  the KYF Villa.  Click on the links to view each PDF file.

Squatters Codes

A list of Squatter Hut codes and dimensions.

Squatters codes document

Squatter Footprint at KYF farm.

Measurements are in Feet:

It was found that there are 3 squatters in the pig sty.  There was no problem about the code of the smaller (NBW/76/24) and the middle one (NBW/76/26).
However, for the largest one, only two codes, NBW/76/30 6.5x19x10 BATH,  NBW/76/29 1.5x3x10 KIT were visible.  Perhaps some codes are printed inside the squatter hut but we were unable to gain access because the door was locked.

Confirming squatters’ codes

summary of meeting

Project site investigation

Draw a footprint of all houses and squatters on scales.

Confirm the location and codes of remaining squatters.

Make inquiry of Lands department about room of top floor of summer house.
Project site investigation

Squatter Hut Nos.

A collection of 15 images

Inspection result at Building Department

Collected requested floor plan

Details of inspection result:
Totally 6 approved floor plan were collected in Building Department, and sent to office.

  • Drainage plan – 3 plans & documents (whole building’s drainage system)
  • Others drawings – 3 plans & documents (adjacent slope outline and overall outline building)

Quotation Request

Quotation Request for Mr. Lui & James Ng

Call for quotation from Mr Ng for the application of “Section 16″ and land Survey and a general quotation for construction from Mr Lui.

Weekly report of the project’s progress

project’s progress meeting 16th April.

Enquiry of inspection result at Building Department

Details of inspection result: